Work with Us

Goodly is devoted to advancing the training and professional development of a new generation of data science researchers who share Goodly values and reflect the diversity of humankind.

These young scientists have contributed to the detailed analysis of thousands of documents and the designing of software. They have learned how to work as a part of data science team, how to use the open information and management systems of the data economy.

By working on Goodly projects, researchers and developers learn about solutions-oriented design, improve their public speaking and written communications skills, and gain experience submitting their work to journals, conferences, and granting organizations. Goodly researchers have won a range of awards, and stipends, and published academic papers and conference proceedings detailing their work.

While these young people’s lives and prospects are improved individually, their communities also benefit from the skills, attitudes, and approaches they bring to solving problems — all cultivated during their time working with Goodly.

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